Anytime I watch a serious movie, I give special attention to it’s costumes. I love to wear sarees and always watch the sarees the heroine wears in the movie. The colour combination of the dresses and sarees remain in mind and heart for a long time. Again if the costumes are not attractive then I feel let down. I guess, most of us do the same thing. Actually to appreciate a movie we must include the photographer and costume designer’s work.

Very recently I watched the movie Padmavat and got just flattened by its costumes. The costumes wore by every actor was so appealing and amazing to the eyes. Posting few picture and you understand what is costume designing but I also wonder how Deepika carried these heavy weight dresses all day long!


The movie is glamorous indeed, even if one does not like story, can pass the entire hour watching the designs of the costumes! This is one movie which moved me by its designs of the costumes. I wish I could be a costume designer to create magic with fabrics and jewellery. How amazing it would have been!!


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