Cavity-Go where Love takes you.

A comeback to my blog site after few days. If I don’t write I feel stifled. So this is from my work table as there is too less time at home.

26 January was a day when an actress of yesteryear passed away. She was octogenarian, but death of an old always brings back lots of memories.

She was a superheroine, about her we heard so many things in our childhood that we should not have known then. Her acting prowess was talk of the country, several awards came to her naturally. Her beauty was compared with Sophia Loren. This beautiful actress fell in love with the superhero of silver screen, rather the man came to her asking shelter. She could not refuse even though she was married with a child. The love story began- the superhero left his family, superheroine too, got a divorce. Then everything was history, many gossips, many powerful performances from the duo and many great movies. People were waiting for their movies and the tasty gossips. We grew up and one fine day, the superhero died suddenly. He suffered a massive heart attack. Everything came to standstill- hearts were broken out of sorrow. We could not thought of the absence of that man, and gradually, now, we realised that none can be like that man, the dream man of the movie, the man every woman desires.

What happened to that lady? Was she finished? No.

She continued her career as much she could, she was a very good cook, she had so many qualities that people look up to her whenever they were in need. But the tragedy is, almost everyone disrespected her by calling her a ‘third woman’. Why the superhero died so early? The blame went to the lady who loved him. She accepted all the blames which maligned her, calmly, quietly, never objected to any bad words.

I went through her interview taken few days before her death. She revealed about all the cavities her life brought in. She felt she did mistakes, not only one but many. Her loving the superhero or her incapability of returning him away when he needed her was a mistake. Her eternal love for him was a mistake. Her simple thinking, simple living and not  extracting her full potential for acting – all were mistakes. She could have reached a height in acting career but she felt her ‘love for him’ was more important. The actress said before her death that she does not want to live anymore. The soul, once full of life was dejected with loneliness, dejected with the way society treated her. So, Love always does not win or can impress this society. It is always the ‘man made norms’ which rule the society. The cavities which are made in heart can’t be cured and may be not realised when we are active. But they can be counted when the life is fully lived and we wait for that special day to say good bye. Life is full of surprises, what we wish, doesn’t happen and what we don’t imagine happens suddenly. We take decisions never knowing the outcome- a sunken area or a swollen area in the heart will develop!!

My take on the prompt word is : Accept the cavity if it keeps you happy and never repent.

The feature image shows the picture of the actress Supriya Devi and her last journey.






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  1. Success Inspirers' World Avatar

    Life is simply inscrutable. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar is. Thanks for reading 🙂


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