How to be popular? Ten tips

The colours of the sunset: This was captured by me on my mobile phone during an evening walk. Perfect for today’s prompt Silhouette, right?

How to be popular among friends and in society? Do you need to do anything or just be yourself? Do you want to be figured out as a silhouette, like a figure against the dimming light of the society?

Many of us want to lead, want to be noticed, regarded, followed by others. They are not wrong, everyone rather, should try to set an example which others can follow.

  • First of all, if you want to be popular, be kind enough to everyone. Greet all you come across during your working hours, with a smile. Enquire about their well-being if they are close enough. Show a positive attitude to help others.
  • Listen to others, as well as talk about yourself. Interact with others at least for few minutes, during lunch hours or while in the canteen. People usually like those, who listen to others patiently and help by giving advice when in need.
  • Be yourself and be confident that whatever you are, you are the best. Pretending to be good, blowing your own trumpet to impress others may go against you. Be honest always, show a normal behaviour reflecting a good heart. A spontaneous genuine smile can win hearts very easily.
  • Do not indulge yourself in the gossips, about others’ faults. Do not be judgemental about others, rather, try to find out the positive things among others and appreciate. Remeber, if you appreciate good qualities in others, you will be liked as well as you will learn good things which people appreciate.
  • Appreciate--The most difficult task is to appreciate others. Just think, how many appreciate you for your good work? You may find, none. Disgusting, isn’t it? We suffer as we are not appreciated for our efforts. There are very few people who encourage you, motivate you, that is the only reason why most people feel sad.
  • Why we don’t appreciate people for their accomplishments? The answer lies in the most dangerous word- EGO. Yes, our ego comes in between, so we don’t praise others’ accomplishments. Whatever they do, most of us try to find the faults. As a result- none feels happy, none becomes popular. So, leave your ego first.
  • Have a sense of humour, use it wisely. Try to cut jokes when your colleagues feel stressed. Be very sincere with your work, but do not show it off. Just be relaxed, happy, humorous and finish your work. See, how all will become your fan!
  • Be fashionable, but do not overdo it. Be presentable with few pairs of neat clothes, maintain hygiene, create your own style. This never means you should follow latest trends and always spend money. Create your own style with the clothes you are comfortable with. having a separate decent style will catch attention.
  • Be happy and peaceful. Spread peace and happiness. You can start a ‘Happiness and well-being club’ at your workplace and celebrate happiness twice in a month.
  • Take lead in organising functions, arranging picnics or dinners, be social whenever possible and do something extra out of your work to be connected with people. You can run a hobby club or class, nurture your passion with like-minded friends e.g. photography, or do social work. Anything that gives you pleasure will keep you occupied and happy and naturally you will spread happiness and gain popularity.

Be a role model, liked by all, try. The world needs more role models, Right?

Silhouettes are noticed always.








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