One of my favourite pass time is photography. During my evening walk, I try to capture nature with my mobile camera. Mostly nature’s beauty, greens, flowers, clouds and sky.

The most favourite subject is colourful birds. Whenever I see a bird I slow down, become quiet to capture it through my lens but alas! every time I failed! They are so quick! So sensitive to any live creature around them! I travelled to hilly forest areas, on the seashores, tried, but they flew away (agile). Even in our garden or near my window, whenever I see any bird worth a click, I tried to click, but that sound, that mysterious sound which the bird only can hear makes it fly away. Or, maybe, I don’t have patience with the time needed to capture a bird. I hope I will be able to win one day!


This picture is a result of my desperate attempt at arresting a bird by shooting with my lens. I failed once again. Anyways, the static beauty of nature id not disappointed me. The trees which fall in love with each other keeping the sky as witness obliged my lens. The beautiful bonding of love is visible here. Gifts of nature are so many and lying around us, only we need to discover them to please our soul.







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  1. Ushnish The Crown 👑 Avatar

    O beautiful picture, and well covered text as well.

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