Study and organised life

For last two days, I am going crazy doing the pending work at home. Two days leaves should not get wasted, that was the worry. I buy things impulsively, especially the clothes. The very bad habit a woman can have is the uncontrolled temptation on seeing any new outfit. The soul cries as it feels crunched, crumbled on the thought of not having the greatest gift of God! I am no exception. Another bad habit is not caring about the belongings once the craze is over and one fine day I discover myself at the centre of the mess. This happens on every extra holiday I get. When every corner of the house turns into a mess, the biggest worry is from where to start? Is it the bookshelf, wardrobes, kitchen or the bedrooms, which needs the most attention? And I remain clueless, feeling helpless. Then I start cursing myself to spend so much time on studying. Simply surfing the net, blog posts, movie reviews, or any damn news which is making waves.  But then you know why we study? What we study? There is no limit of acquiring knowledge. Everything and anything, just see around yourself and you get a subject or a topic to study to know. If we don’t study, we will be called ignorant, backward. We will not be able to take part in any important decision making or simply to discuss any matter while in a group. The problem we face is to manage the hours available. How to lead a disciplined life in an organised way and keep our knowledge upgraded by spending quality time in studying. A difficult task, at least for me. So, yesterday, I stopped peeping into the net, the blogs and started to get some tips on organising closets and kitchen. I was amazed at seeing so many videos on how to fold clothes, keep them segregated, how to keep all kitchen items in an organised manner and so many which I will unfold slowly. I am just sharing only one video with you all. It may help some of you, I am sure. Another thing I got delighted with, is finding so many women involved in making the videos and sharing their ideas with all. There may be some loopholes in the methods but isn’t it heartening to see the active, wise women?

So, the study materials are plenty, it depends on our taste, what we like the most?

The hard-working school days are over when I studied most of the time to learn History, Science and mathematics. The college days, University days saw me studying a variety of subjects related to my degree and knowledge to appear competitive exams. Now, no exception, I study anything that attracts me. But those hard works are paying off and will pay off, I am sure.


Do you hate alarms? It reminds me of study hours. Then work hours, now exercise hours, but it keeps you active so that you can achieve your goal.


Keep learning! As here lies the true pleasure of life!








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