Christmas is over but the cold breeze is still blowing. The softer sun, the new leaves and lots of flowers are throwing the signal of spring. In many places, flower exhibitions started. Many gardens have blooming colourful flowers. My garden too is no exception where my uncle gives his hundred percent effort after his retirement. All through my life, I have seen him spending quality time in gardening even though he was a busy professor, always surrounded by his students. Guiding them for their studies, going to university and libraries, writing so many books never kept him away from his passion for creating wonders with fruits and flowers. Is it always money which keeps people entertained? Probably, no. It is our passion for good work which can keep people glued to us, it is entertainment of the soul. Create beauty with your own calibre, and keep the people happy. With the pictures I am sharing with you will give you an idea of my statement today.


What you feel now? Is it not a way to entertain your eyes and soul?

Flowers spread peace and love.

Note: All pics are from revolving around life.


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