Reservation- the word very close to any Indian’s heart. Everyday, I remain curious for the prompt word and yesterday I giggled and smiled on seeing the most precious word. The most ‘hot’ word, the most ‘argumentative’ word, the most ‘cyclonic’ word, the word which can topple the government is RESERVATION. Yes, you heard it right, it is the most powerful word.

India, which is a country of innumerable number of diversities when it is concerned with caste, language and tribes. There are reservations for particular castes and tribes. There are many discussions to abolish these reservations in job, educational institutions but nothing has materialised. The reason may be well understood from the following quote:

“People seek reservations expecting country to contribute to their progress, whereas the real prosperity follows when everyone contributes to country’s progress.” 
……..Sandeep Sahajpal

Like me, many believe the reservation system has done a lot damage to the talented people as many talents left the country for better job prospects. Many people of backward classes got the benefits of reservation as they have come up at par with the mainstream elite population. The concept of ‘reservation’ still remain complex in this country as the withdrawal of it may not be in good taste with the beneficiaries. The talents will flow out, the word ‘brain-drain’ will remain the buzz word to heat up the conversations, there will be scarcity of intellectuals in decision making- progress will see a sloth pace!

“RESERVATION” policy has broken many hearts, I too felt the heat, but survived. There are so many seats to enroll in any prestigious course but half of the seats are reserved for backward caste. So, from the childhood learnt that no seat is reserved for me and I will have to adjust with the course available to me. May be less talented will take the reserved seat in the elite Institution and I will have to leave that seat quietly. Yes, I did that and with a smile, because he or she was my friend, another child of my age, with the dreams like me! So, a little compromise to bring the smile in other’s face! Proud to live with the talent I have- whatever small, but what I did in life is with my own capability. Heart sank many times, face lost brightness, knew what struggle is without reservation, but at the end, I am happy, my entire family is happy.

People migrate from their dearest nests, but nobody knows the real reasons. Why so many migrants all over the world? Is it for the sufferings in their own country? It is funny that the caring hearts are few,loving souls are scarce, understanding minds are rare!! My be the blog sites are the place where people can tell their stories and also can have good conversations on the topics which need attention.



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8 responses to “Reservation”

  1. A True and honest post. You are right in saying this that the reservation in India based on the caste system instead of the skill level has hampered the future of many. I personally have experienced this when I was appearing in the entrance examination for my masters in Computer applications. I stood fifth in the state but got sidelined by someone in the quota. This should change.

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  2. Would you like to elaborate the ‘Backward Caste’ please? As far as I know, everyone has the right to educate. It doesn’t matter from what class, caste, religion or part of the world you are from. Though, the opportunity shouldn’t be go in wrong hands.

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    • Yes….in India job reservations are there on caste basis. Also there are a certain percentage of seats are reserved for backward castes. These are classified as SC(schedule caste), OBC( other backward caste) and ST (schedule tribe).


  3. This is strange because I personally believe that having opportunities classified only for some castes/classes can create sturm’n’drang in the society. Humans are born free and these stringent rules can’t build a healthy environment around beings. I am not denying that these rules don’t prevail in my region (Pakistan) but we definitely have less strict rules than the one across the border.

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