Month: January 2018

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  • Cavity-Go where Love takes you.

    Cavity-Go where Love takes you.

    A comeback to my blog site after few days. If I don’t write I feel stifled. So this is from my work table as there is too less time at home. 26 January was a day when an actress of yesteryear passed away. She was octogenarian, but death of an old always brings back lots…

  • How to be popular? Ten tips

    How to be popular? Ten tips

    How to be popular among friends and in society? Do you need to do anything or just be yourself? Do you want to be figured out as a silhouette, like a figure against the dimming light of the society? Many of us want to lead, want to be noticed, regarded, followed by others. They are…

  • Dominant


    The dominant nature of some people is now scaring the society. If one is dominant in nature, he or she should not let the things go out of hand and all turn into abusive or toxic to others. A leader must be dominant but keep his emotion and ego under control to get maximum work…

  • A Candid Thought

    A Candid Thought

    The World today : So many topics to fight among each other forgetting Humanity. Think with a free mind, You will find humanity choked!! Candid

  • A Romantic Thought

    A Romantic Thought

    If you have a camera and you are passionate about photography then you must have captured a pic like this. I am not so much passionate photographer but tried to capture the sunset many times while travelling. The end of the day and start of the night- the evening, is romantic, I feel it has…

  • Quinoa: the wonder food, made my eyes blink

    Quinoa: the wonder food, made my eyes blink

    The social networking brings us so closer and we get enlightened every other day. I saw a post from one of my friend in facebook who stays miles away from me that she prepared quinoa salad for the first time in her life. She was excited obviously and posted it in facebook. I blinked my…

  • How to recycle water: few tips.

    How to recycle water: few tips.

      Yesterday, we had the first shock of the year: Cape Town confronts the looming ‘Day Zero’ water crisis! What is day zero? The day (April 22, 2018) the major city of South Africa will run out of potable water. Now, as a precautionary measure, only 87 litres of water per person is permitted, and…

  • Agile

    One of my favourite pass time is photography. During my evening walk, I try to capture nature with my mobile camera. Mostly nature’s beauty, greens, flowers, clouds and sky. The most favourite subject is colourful birds. Whenever I see a bird I slow down, become quiet to capture it through my lens but alas! every time I…

  • Loopholes: Law N Love

    Loopholes: Law N Love

    “It is not until you rhyme with a person that makes you their perfect match, it is when you are satisfied with each others peculiarities, and find jewels in their loopholes.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson “The moment you try working on what appears difficult to you, you will start noticing it’s loopholes that you can breakthrough.”…

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