Be cautious, be safe – few tips.

Morning news broke up today a tragic incident of death of young women in a severe fire in a pub in Mumbai. The whole day the news channels are analysing the accidental cause and blaming civic authority. Sad incident indeed. A birthday girl died, two brothers from the USA who were on vacation died, a family lose few members etc.

I decided to be at home for last few days of the current year, the weather outside is pretty cold. The homely atmosphere is now the most desirable, especially the cozy corner of the house where I sit and write and surf the net. The bedroom with the quilts and pillows where I read books under a dim light, or else the kitchen where I prepare my coffee and food and again slip inside the quilts to feel the warmth. I was enjoying myself but the news disturbed me. All through the day, I thought about the youngsters who prefer the extravagant lifestyle which demands restaurants, pubs, eateries to grow up like mushrooms. The places where the food is served, most of the times are constructed illegally. People want to earn easy money and nowadays opening the eating outlets are the most profitable business. Whom should I blame? The people who do illegal work have to feed the hungry in the home and out of the home. The civic authority is least bothered to check all the formalities, the reason known only by God. The youngsters are too negligent to point out the mistakes around, they ignore Science or the scientific reasons for every rule. A rooftop restaurant with bamboo and plastic covering is itself dangerous as the kitchen of the eateries has to use fire to cook food. There may not be fire extinguishers, but who is bothered to check? There may not be easy emergency exit doors, but who checks out?  There may not be sufficient water to sprinkle over the fire. Fire safety measures if not followed, then there occurs such kind of incidents. My message is – always be a cautious observer of the place where you are going to spend long hours with friends and family. Do not go for the brand or name or extravagance of the place but go by the scientific intuitions. A lesser expensive and open place is better to enjoy your food and to relax. Sometimes your home can be made cozy enough for guests to host a party- order food from outside, but you remain safe.

Perfect home corner to spend a night with friends and foods.

Accidents are part of life, but not the intentional ones. Nobody likes to listen to the horror stories when the deaths are man-made. So, wherever you see some irregularities, whenever you smell foul play, raise an alarm or avoid that place to be safe, to remain alive.









4 responses to “Be cautious, be safe – few tips.”

  1. Megha's World Avatar

    That’s sad to hear. But as you said accidents are part of the life and its unfortunate to get caught in it. May you have safe and happy new year 2018!!

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Thank you so much 🙂 Wish you too a happy and safe New year 2018.


  2. idjourneys Avatar

    It is desirable to find your home secure and cozy. We have to accept bad events. I wish you a great 2018!

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Wish you too a great year ahead. Thanks for reading 🙂

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