A mild warm hug for the year-end

Let me wish all the readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

This is the beautiful time of the year when all are enjoying a mild weather condition, it’s winter with the lesser cold this time. Some of the parts of the world may be experiencing snowfall, but then snow also brings in a weather to enjoy. Lots of warm clothes are out of wardrobes and hot spicy food are giving our stomach a mild warm affection. Everywhere, every person has become milder, softer, polite because all want to enjoy the festive season.

Why I like this time of the year the most? It is because I get a chance to look back. I wait eagerly to start afresh. I get a chance to mend my mistakes and achieve more. This is the time of the year when I create- the new food recipes, some art, some knitting, and some picture collages to frame the best moments of the year. I like to be at home, enjoy the mild cold mornings with cakes and teas, going out in the mild sunrays to feel the warmth, cutting the fresh winter vegetables to prepare vegetable cutlets, like the warmth of the blankets, the movies, picnics, visiting zoos, the list is endless. As if, I want to catch hold of all the goods of life in very few days to make the year memorable. What a pleasure I get in remembering the days gone by and to greet the new days with mild warm affection!! Life is pleasant my dear, year-end- A mild warm hug for you!

x mas3
Our x-mas breakfast today with french toast, cakes, biscuits and orange juice. Merry Christmas.

I used to write the memoir at the end of every year and I post them on my Facebook page with picture collage since 2012. This year too is no exception- My 2017 was a pretty good year. The year started with a trip to the USA. I could be the part of a delegation team of my  University to sign MOU between Tulane University, New Orleans and us. The country is amazing in all aspect, the places I visited and the food I tasted there made this year unforgettable. I met my cousin bro and his family in Atlanta and I say that was the most memorable moment of 2017 for me. Never thought of visiting them there. My emotions touched the high when I met my bro in the USA, my school friends in my native place and my uncle, aunty and other brothers during a short trip to Kolkata. My duties to my family got obstacles due to my stay away from home for a long time. This year is the most fruitful year as I met some legendary personalities of many Universities, feeling motivated to do something selflessly. These fabulous Professors have taught me the power of humbleness and simplicity. Perhaps, meeting the inspirational characters throughout my life, I got the motivation of doing something in my spare time. Result- My blog site took to birth this year with WordPress in the month of April with the aim of sharing life’s experiences, spreading love and peace. And I feel proud that I wrote more than 125 articles so far and my fan following touched 100. My passion for writing and cooking are going strong and the work for environment protection got reality with the work of tree plantations. I took part in a programme of planting 10,000 trees in my city, inspired many of my students to take part in the movement.

In the routine job work, I am satisfied with teaching and inspiring students. Made my students happy by bringing them into contact with famous Professors, they learnt about Lead toxicities and hypoxia and space travels. The celebrations with closest family members and friends continued, my passions are getting care and what I can ask more to God. Mild fluctuations in health were there but no severe illness could attack me. Overall good, cherishable and I am satisfied with the year-end.

Enjoy the festival. Greet the New Year with hopes and aspirations of peace. Let the feelings of hatred are buried and on that soil, love grows.





3 responses to “A mild warm hug for the year-end”

  1. chimdelu2 Avatar

    Wow😍 i felt like eating right now from all the yummies you posted on your page. well you are full of love, life has nothing more to offer us if not memories be it good or bad one,😄we use them for thanksgiving knowing that everything is for a purpose.we thank God for his mild blessing which is new every morning. blissful 2018

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Thank you so much 🙂


      1. chimdelu2 Avatar

        Thanks too for thanking me🤗

        Liked by 1 person

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