R.I.P – Negativities

Sallust quotes

Harmony is the essence of life, it brings peace all around. The very existence of this planet depends on the extent of harmony shown by all its creatures, let it be a microorganism but it can disturb the lives to live peacefully. The harmonic existence of the human beings can lead to the much shouted peaceful world as the human beings are the most superior race on this planet.

The harmony is disturbed, more precisely, it is destroyed. As the days passed the planet has witnessed more intolerance, jealousy, rudeness, anger, cruelty for fellow human beings. The negativity has gained popularity and the positivity of politeness died a natural death. What prompted the world to embrace the unrest are communalism, racism, regionalism, casteism, the pride of wealth or superiority complex. As the population increased the negative factors surfaced and torn apart the humanity. People are fighting and competing with each other to survive. As if all are busy to prove that they are the fittest to survive here.

The fighting among ourselves will lead us to destruction. The very recent developments in North Korea are threating enough for the destruction of the whole human community and the action of Trump is adding fuel to fire. The country like Iraq has never seen peace as from my childhood days I am observing the unrest in this country. The few countries are famous because they are good at fighting. Communalism, racism is just excuses. The best way to get rid of these mindsets is to ignore them and educate people so that everyone becomes mentally strong. The strong people do not fall prey, rather they help others to come up. I do not have any idea how to spread the messages for peace and love!! I do not have any idea about how much percent of world population want to live in peace? If it was the majority then peace would have prevailed. It seems we the peace-loving community is reduced to a handful chunk. I am worried and perhaps that is why I started writing blogs to spread the awareness about the beautiful life and its experiences, to spread tolerance, kindness, to spread the sweetest essence of life!

I love to live. Any activity which leads to destruction hurts me.

Hope the negative forces will rest in peace one day.








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