An unfinished Business- You and I

Have you fallen in love with anyone whom you can not have in reality? Love can be a virtual affair too, how many of you agree? In our lifetime we fall in love many times- with other human beings and what torn our hearts and minds apart is the desired love very often converts into fake dream.

Especially it happens with women very often and maybe sometimes with men too. A  woman who loves deeply but cannot express her love in public, she has to control as she fears the society, she fears the cultural limitations, she can not declare her love as she wants it to be. It is like she wants to scream, she wants to laugh loud, but instead she keeps her calm and looks at the walls of her room or at the sky. Is not it breaking her heart? Similarly a man fallen in love with someone whom the society  never accept or the family doesn’t like. How the man feels? — Torn.

Love is beautiful, sweet, amazing or awesome but it is the strongest weapon which can tear apart our hearts. I don’t know why and I guess most of you don’t know too. How many successful love stories we know? Rather the unsuccessful love stories are popular. So, the word “tear” or “torn” plays a part in everybody’s life and I mean it.

Then comes the relationships we build while living in society and in family. You know so many people- relatives, friends, your family members including your children. You love many of them by heart. But many times the relation turns bitter, the unpleasant incidents occur, the backbitings, the back stabbings, the criticisms, the selfish attitudes, ungratefulness- everything hurts. In my life, I passed through everything I mentioned and I guess many things are yet to be experienced. And if you say Life is wonderful then you must experience the torn heart and mind. Otherwise may you feel life is a smooth journey but I say it mundane.

Check out all the relationships of your life, try to relate the quote ” I will be there for you forever” . How many told you that and how many left? Funny. Right?

So be happy. Life is like that!! Build your sand castles with the hope of losing it.








6 responses to “An unfinished Business- You and I”

  1. Success Inspirers' World Avatar

    I love your post. I agree with you. Many of our problems come from those closest to us. That’s life.

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Time for realization, getting old 🙂 Thank you for appreciating 🙂


  2. Megha's World Avatar

    Beautiful post and yes we are restricted by the social norms and useless traditions bonding love in several ways.

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  3. The Work-Life Fitness Project Avatar

    An honest view of reality. 🙂

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Thank you so much 🙂

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