Is there any miraculuous way out?

It is quite some time, I am feeling perturbed by the unpleasant incidents happening around. It is about the safety of the girl children and women. The incidents of rape and murder of women are on the rise and we are not able to do anything about it. Every time it is the victim who is blamed for not following certain societal norms like dressing or not going out when it is dark outside. But what are the factors which induce this kind of crime when the victim is a minor as small as a three years old? There are perturbing incidents which are creating fear among the parents of a girl child.

Yesterday, my small city was full of anguish and pain when the dream of a thirteen-year-old girl was shattered, when she could not survive the trauma of torture by several men and died. The heinous crime was condemned, lots of protests were shown, but the young soul will never return. I, upon hearing this, sat froze, totally clueless about the behaviour of the boys/men who are also very young. What is distracting them from their dreams? Or, they do not have any dream about their life? Are they so bizarre and diverted that they could not think about the consequences? Who is to be blamed, where the solution lies, what is the root cause of this aggressiveness?

The social media was flooded with posts, at least through social media we come to know about the mood of the people and their opinions. I like to express my thoughts on my FB walls but there is a class of people who object if one writes on social media. They are argumentive about the ‘arm-chair’ or ‘comfortable’ way of protest and suggest some field works- I find this suggestion ridiculous because then, how one justifies the existence of social media? So, I pretended to be dumb to their suggestion and continued my discussion on Facebook to understand the root cause of this kind of problem.

  • The children who are detached from their parents in childhood may commit this kind of crime as they are not emotionally correct.
  • A boy must not be treated as an overprotected child and be differentiated in his activities. Let a boy also participate in household work like cleaning and cooking so that he understands the value of relationships and become emotionally strong.
  • The lessons of moral values are to be given to every child. In earlier days we have to learn Moral Science in school but I don’t see this subject taught in schools nowadays.
  • The parents must be very alert to bring up a child. Always watch your child for their activities and friend circles. Grow your child’s interest in good work like reading books, solving puzzles, dancing, singing and paintings. Keep them occupied so that their energies are spent in a correct way.
  • In colleges and schools, teachers have a role to play in the moral development of their students. If you are a teacher, then keep an eye on every student of your class and try to inculcate good values among them. Tell them inspiring stories, talk about the scientists, writers and other great personalities to keep them motivated. A good teacher can be the role model for a child whom the child emulate later in his life.
  • The judicial system of a country plays a great role in the citizen’s behaviour. If there are strict laws around and there is a fear of severe punishment, then citizens think twice before committing heinous crimes. Nowadays, we are more soft and liberal towards the crimes and criminals, the reasons unknown to me. The more tolerance and positive thinking are encouraging the indiscipline among the youth which is making the world a more chaotic place.
  • Ultimately, the government has to play a responsible role to look after the safety and security of its citizens. The population is to be controlled, the laws must be more effective and the work of Government is apparently never-ending. A focused government can take care and improve the living standard of its citizens. Otherwise, every girl child, every woman who is living in fear cannot build a good society and a good, healthy nation.
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The things around are have become so bizarre that I only hope a miraculous way out for every problem. After all, we long for a healthy society where every citizen enjoys love and peace.




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