Christmas Calling…….but

Christmas calling!! The most wonderful time of the year has arrived! Year ending allows looking back, write memoirs, share photos, write travel stories and the beautiful moments enjoyed. I will pen down my year 2017, will share many pictures with friends as I do it every year. This is the time for good food and new dresses, the most stylish season. When talking about dresses, I want to share a problem of mine with you. A common one but I cant relate why this happens? I have plenty of wearables- I occupy most of the spaces in my house wardrobes which irritates my husband and my child. But still, when I go out, every morning I won’t get anything perfectly alright to wear. Why this happens- I do not know. Am I disorganized? Should I plan my wearing for a whole week beforehand? Maybe I should, but I feel lazy. I have come across many posts on Facebook which relates to my problem which indicates many are like me! The same kind of people exist- isn’t it?

Another problem I suffer from is the “selfie-calling”. Yes, it is the gala time of the year when we will be looking at our best and will click selfies. I dress up, stand in front of a mirror- yes, I look beautiful! I smile because the click will be the best! But- alas! The selfie looks so ordinary! Sometimes ugly- just like upside down! Why this happens? How you relate it- the mirror and the camera- are they enemies? I am still searching answer.

So many things in our life happen just for no reason. We plan something and something opposite happens. The new year resolutions never come true. Still, we plan for a year- again and again. I wish the coming year sees less violence and more peace- the jealousy and unrest among people worry me. Let us see whether it will be “peace calling” or “war-calling” in coming days.

Wishing all the citizens of this planet live a life full of peace and love this new year 🙂









2 responses to “Christmas Calling…….but”

  1. The Work-Life Fitness Project Avatar

    Pinterest helped me out with “having plenty of clothes” and always going out “awfully put together”, haha. I guess it depends on our mindset as well… some days we do an effort as long as it is popping in our heads… otherwise we don’t even think about it 🙂

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Yes….exactly. Thanks for reading 🙂

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