My dad- My Favourite Compass

Life is a long long journey where struggles never end. Remembering my childhood often makes me wondered that how I travelled so far! The small girl who used to be shy and studious , now converted into a tough lady. Who guided me throughout my life? Is it my dad’s lessons in my childhood which helped me strive through against all odds? Yes, it is he, my dad.

I could live with my dad only up to my seventeen years as he bid farewell to this materialistic world. The role of a dad in a daughter’s life carries  tremendous weight as the dad can teach his daughter how to survive against all odds. My dad used to teach me Mathematics as he was a very sharp person to understand Mathematics. The first lessons of maths-addition, subtraction etc, he taught me so perfectly that I could do any sum without pen and paper, all with my mind! That foundation of strong Mathematics helped me later in life while studying Physics, Chemistry. I could analyse everything perfectly. My dad’s teaching was “a person who knows Mathematics, knows everything”. Mathematics played a good role in my life including I earned  my first bread and butter by teaching Mathematics.

Then my dad took care of my overall personality development- taught me cycling, swimming, karate, self protection techniques, bought me too many books and magazines, took me for participating in various competitions and he even taught me meditation. What is the role of silence in enhancing memory power? He used to ask me to remain silent for an hour and do meditation so that my memory power increases and it is true. I could memorize a lot of things which used to make my father happy. Because of his guidance I could become independent in all aspects.

We need a compass in our life or else as a child we roam aimless and end up chaotic. The compass can be parents or teachers or any other close relative and having a compass is so important!








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