Bliss is the Silence

I was silent for fifteen long days.

Hello, everyone reading this post!

I have returned from a long hiatus. Nope, I wasn’t on a vacation, rather was too busy to open my blog site. I was busy to learn, to organise events, to conduct examinations, to prepare question papers, to feed the guests, yes, the list is longer than you thought 🙂 All work is done but the mind become so chaotic. It needs a rest in a quiet corner. When the days are hectic, you feel the importance of silence, the value of having a calm brain, the value of absence of worries.

  • When we prefer to remain silent?
  • When we are sad, distressed or feel disgusted
  • When we create- writing, painting or composing
  • When we are indulged in scientific thoughts
  • When we are angry and planning a revenge
  • When we are wiser than the crowd

If we try to dig more we will find that a silent mind is a primary requirement to shape up your thoughts- may be negative or positive.

A silent surrounding is a bliss- to create or to discover.










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