December brings in the sparkles.

Come November, and I am excited to greet December. The thirty days wait is the longest enough to hug December tightly when it arrives. It’s my month. I await my birthday eagerly as everyone does. The childhood days were awesome to celebrate the birthdays in between exams as I have written exams on every birthday. ek…but true and I came with flying colours, made my parents proud.


The month of December is the month of exams, after exams, winter holidays, Christmas, the sparkling life all around. The winter brings in the calmness in the atmosphere, the cosy beds with lots of blankets, sweaters, coloured woollens, booming colourful flowers in every garden, the special winter vegetables you won’t get throughout the years and then the picnics in forests, the fires to keep us warm! The visit to the zoos was part of winter season activities- we used to visit zoos to learn about the other lives which support the humans and the ecosystem. As a child, my scary eyes saw the tigers, leopards, lions, rhinos, hippos, poisonous snakes and the bears. My funny eyes observed the different kind of monkeys and my loving eyes loved the birds, the colours of the peacocks. I wonder if zoos were not there I would have not known the different species and would have thought about wildlife differently. You show love and care to those whom you know. If one does not know about the wild animals, the aquatic animals and the birds then how he or she will be known about their importance in our life? The zoo is important for a child to know the world beyond the humans. I visited the famous aquarium in Atlanta this year with my elder brother and my joy knew no bounds. At this age, I and my bro enjoyed the aquatic life, like children. Now I am mature enough to understand and my joy doubled when I saw small children enjoying the aquatic life in the aquatic zoo. The smallest fingers were touching the aquatic animals! The sweetest sight on the earth.

Touching starfishes brings excitement
Aquatic life in GA aquarium
Lovely dolphins.

I understand the importance of overall education, overall personality development and the process of making kind human beings. Lots of knowledge you acquire when you visit a zoo. In a year, at least one-day visit zoos with your children. Let them learn about life all around us, let them grow kind! Kindness brings in love!

Then, the Christmas, the sparkling Christmas trees, the aromas of baked cakes creates sparkles in mind, salivating mouth for all sweet dishes, the lamps around the house, the Christmas carols, jingle bells and lastly the year ends, a new resolution for a new year starts. The family gatherings, the friend’s reunion, looking back how the year passed- brings memories- all in December.


December is beautiful, December is fun and December is humane!!!

Greet December wholeheartedly. Enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest!









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