Sparkling Crystals make life beautiful

What a piece of lovely art!! Who does not want to have it? The diamonds, the rubies, the garnets, the crystals bring sparkles to our life!

Life is all about seeking beauty, appreciate art. In life, we come across many things which are indeed fascinating. One among them is the sparkling crystals. The varieties, the shapes, the colours of the crystals are mindblowing. I just can not take my eyes off whenever I see them. The best crystals I have got are from my Brazilian friends. I just have fallen in love with the crystal items they brought for me. And then the various crystal pieces of jewellery and the gemstones are equally attracted me. Fortunately enough, I live in a country where there is no dearth of artefacts. Using crystals, pearls, beads and glittering threads all kinds of items are made. Be it items of clothing, pieces of jewellery, bangles, showpieces, you get all sparkling pieces, you cannot resist yourself buying them. I have no idea about the origin of the art and no idea too about the genes which give people to have such patience to create mind-boggling pieces.

Snippets of the sparkling arts :

Kundan Jewellery.  Kundan is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewellery involving a gem set with gold foil between the stones and its mount.

Beautiful art with gemstones, Kundan art.

Beautiful Kundan jewellery set used by brides in weddings. Imagine how much patience required to prepare a piece.

The glittering blue sapphires are so attracting. Everyone’s desire is to possess all kinds of crystal items which brings happiness and glitters to life.









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