Savoury kiwi bites

This kiwi season I tasted this fruit for the first time yesterday. The fruits were gifted by one of our close friends and I was clueless what to do with them! Then why the internet is for? How Google helps us? Amazing modern technology helped me a lot. And my experimentation with the awesome kiwi fruit started yesterday evening. I am so excited about them that I put leave to have more bites of the KIWI. Do you believe me? Believe, please. I never lied in my Life!! haha. Here you can have a look at what I did in between my blog postings!

Yesterday night we had this kiwi fruit salad with sliced apple, sliced bananas with black salt and white pepper sprinkled over it. Awesome taste when chilled.
Today Morning I tested one sandwich with apple and kiwi slices for breakfast.
This is a sandwich with apple, kiwi and banana, before grilling.
The grilled sandwiches or the end products. Yummy with maple syrup.

All pictures are posted on Instagram and my followers want to have bites of each of the items I prepared with kiwi! When I saw the prompt word Bite my day could not have been better. Thank you, WordPress for keeping me excited about food and blogs.

Any suggestion about the recipes is welcome as I am a novice with the kiwi fruits. All I did with my own ideas. I am doing more experiments with this super nutritious fruit.




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