Knitting the colours of life

Knitting is a joy. Knitting was joyful for my mother and all my aunties. The colourful woollen yarns were first judged about their quality and then picked up according to the patterns and designs. Come winter and the wool dominate the show, stealing our all the time. The hawkers on the street carrying woollen yarns were the most awaited persons by all the ladies and the girls to pick up the bright, sweet colours to knit the sweater, gloves, socks, scarves and other decorative items. I can remember my mother’s craziness about the woollen yarns and patterns. She was so fond of knitting sweaters for my dad and all my siblings. She used to finish her cooking early in the winter days and was surely stayed out of home to collect and learn different patterns from neighbouring aunties. Especially when it was for dad’s sweater, she was extra cautious. Always tried her best to knit the most beautiful pattern for my daddy with the best quality of wools available in the market. I too learnt knitting and helped her out in finishing the sweaters as my mother always used to say “finish fast dear, you must be able to wear this sweater before winter says goodbye for the year”. Whether it is for school or for fashion she used to knit all our sweaters all by herself. Never bought the machine knit sweaters. Now, I feel, how caring and loving mom and wife she was! This prompt word brought tears to my eyes as the word “knit” is synonymous to my mother. Not only the sweaters but she was able to keep that family knitted till she was alive!

The memories of winter days of our childhood were quite unusual if compared with present context. Nowadays we wait for that chilling weather to arrive and hardly we feel the winter season as it was used to be. The global warming, the climate change, the pollution are destroying the charm of every season. We stayed in hilly areas and faced the biting cold. The sweaters, cloaks, scarves, gloves were must in the winter season. We used to carry our knitting materials in our school bags. Whenever there was a break we girls used to knit sweater or scarves. Some of my friends were expert in crocheting. I was very fond of crochet designs and the method of knitting. Any material of crochet still fascinates me. Gone are the sweet days; digitalisation and machines have robbed away the joy of living every season. Now I feel all seasons are same! Life is mundane, rude, robbed of beauty! But, that was the destiny and still worse yet to come.

My favourite pattern created out of different colours of yarns and this is the easiest design to knit. We had these kinds of sweaters in plenty.

My mom used to create these kinds of designs in our sweaters. She used to see magazines and took help of aunts to create these beautiful designs.

These are the crochet materials knitted by one of my close friend who stays in U.K. now.

Knitting is a colourful passion. The creations can be amazing.  I wish the hand knitting never dies. Any form of knitting style must be preserved.








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  1. SovernessOverSeas Avatar

    Hey! I’ve just started to knit. Any advise would be awesome in regards to casting on and keeping in tight. 🙂

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