But sleep first

Do you get this feeling?

I often long for the day to end. Longing for the bed and the pillows are not abnormal behaviour especially if one is working whole day. The stress of work, travelling and other responsibilities make us so tired that sometimes we don’t get a good night’s sleep. I have this problem of remembering all the undone work during bed time and lose sleep over it. All the to-do-work bang on my head continuously and I get up feeling restless. The sleep deprivation and too much worries have taken me to a world full of pills. I do not want to remember the number of pills I take daily to keep myself alive! It is a pitiable state and i don’t want people to suffer this way.

Let us not banged over by the stress, life brings to us. Live life without expectations as expectations if unfulfilled will bring you sorrow and stress. Feel thankful that you have clothes to wear, food to eat and a house to live in and that is enough. Try to do your work in a disciplined manner and finish your day’s work in time. Have your dinner with your family members and then relax by watching TV or the work you like to do. Before going to bed switch off your cell phones and read a book and fall asleep. Sleeping beside a person you love brings peace and you fall asleep quickly.

Try to make your sleep pattern  if you have disturbed sleep at night then make sleep diary- That is, note down your sleep pattern and the reasons which keeps you awake. Whether you get snoring, or your mouth gets dried, horrified dreams, headache n the morning, tired legs, back ache and many more problems can be written down to understand your sleep pattern and then consult a doctor. Drinking alcohols, sleeping pills, staying awake late in the night are strictly avoidable.

A sound and peaceful sleep at night is the best meditation.

Sleep without any percussions in your head, throw away the percussive thoughts to have a sound sleep. That is the way to have a healthy life.








2 responses to “But sleep first”

  1. freehoroscopeweb Avatar

    nice post thanks

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  2. flhockeymomfit Avatar

    A night without thoughts cluttering the is amazing and rare and oh so needed. Nice post.

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