The ‘clutch’ of consumerism

The stories roaming around the corners nowadays are mostly about the crimes committed by teenagers or minors. I am getting perturbed by this kind of news as I am directly related to the young generation as a mentor. A few days back we had to deal with an incident where a senior student stabbed a seven years old to death in school. Yesterday, the news which shook me was of another stabbing incident by three minors where one youth died. The case was of snatching of wallets and mobile phones and money.  A few years back the incident of a cruel incident of a young woman by a minor shook the nation. Then the crime reports from almost all nations worldwide are alarming. If all these reports are to be believed then the crimes committed by teenage boys are on a rise in all countries irrespective of developed and developing nations. We are also perturbed by the incidents of suicides among students, mental illness, addictions and so many happenings alike.

This is the right time to sit back and analyse the reasons behind the misdeeds before it is too late. Or, I am not sure whether we are too late already!

Apparently, parents, professors, teachers, mentors, older generations and the society failed to guide the youth properly. The clutches of consumerism has engulfed the society in such a manner that everybody wants to lead a life like a celebrity. The termites of glitters and glamours and the passion for  “show off” is eating the minds of the elders which is successfully passed on to the youngers. The brands of clothes, shoes, cosmetics, cars, foods are so attractive and irresistible that people are forgetting the value of life. Is life all about ”shopping” in malls, movies, parties and enjoyment? Parents do not care about the correct method of the upbringing of their children. Most of the time the divorced parents can not take care of their children and the boys especially go astray. They get addicted to drugs or any other bad habits, sometimes get lured by antisocials, they roam aimlessly. Sometimes it is the frustration of not having a loving family, sometimes it is the financial crisis which makes them depressed and angry. We should not blame the teenagers who are going astray if we are failing to guide them in an ideal manner.

Here are some tips for parents:

  • Do not fall prey to consumerism. Spend the money for your needs, not for your greeds.
  • Do not go astray when it is about earning money. Hard earned money pays off but ill-gotten money ruins the values and subsequently the family bonding.
  • Wealth creation should not be your goal in life. Inculcate moral values in your children.
  • Keep your children engaged with studies, knowledge accumulation and creative works, music and sports. Take care of your children as they will be your ultimate wealth.
  • If your children commit any crime then the whole family will get ruined. Keep watching your child’s activities.
  • Spend time with your children. Show them love and care but don’t overdo love. It will spoil them.
  • Do not allow them to follow celebrities and the television serials. Let them read books, draw, paint or compose music.
  • Do not succumb to the society’s pressure of show offing the materials. If all parents are aware of the ill effects of materialisms then one day we will be able to come out of this ill clutch of consumerism.
  • Let your child grow some spiritual beliefs too. Engage your child in practising meditation, yoga and other charitable work for society.
  • Always remember that the growing consumerism among people is creating the burden on the environment. The more you buy unnecessarily, it makes the resources on earth extinct and it also creates solid wastes for no dumping grounds.
  • Let your greedy lifestyle not ruin our planet. We all want to live peacefully.
  • Promote love. Promote peace whenever possible to keep the world free of crimes.
Meditation brings peace of mind.





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