Sofalarity!! I am amazed by the word- amazed at the lifestyle it brings about. The thought of a cosy living room- its comfortable atmosphere with a television set, few books, carpets on the floor, food on the table, video games and smartphone or i-phone easily accessible- life can’t be better than this! Are we not getting obsessed with the life spent on the sofa most of the time? Studies have shown that an adult or a child, half of the daily lives in a virtual world. How? By spending an average three hours on accessing internet or social media, watching television four hours a day and playing different games online. If this calculation does not match with your lifestyle or your home atmospheric condition then you are the lucky one who could avoid sofalarity. Just think of the matter that how technology has swept our life off our capabilities? How technological comforts have ruined our health? How technology has made us dependable on it that there seems no way out of its grip?

The major concern today is the health conditions of our younger generation. How the obesity and type 2 diabetes are keeping the doctors busy? Earlier days, I have heard from my father that they used to go to school by walk and the distance in miles they used to cross daily makes my jaws dropped. How my previous generation used to play and even my generation also played whole day whenever it was possible. We did not have television sets or any other gadget which could be kept us glued. The only things which always attracted the older generations were playing games in the field, swimming, running, jumping and different forms of sports. We climbed trees and swam in the lakes and ponds. But now when suddenly technological advancement happened, the playgrounds are confined into gyms. Gyms are now the most fashionable outlets to exercise and keep oneself fit, but then how many of us wish to go to the gym and how many can afford it? Everywhere, we see people, they are engaged with their mobile phones or i-pads remaining indifferent to the worldly affairs! Everyone thinks about the new gadgets in the market and tries to buy them. Sometimes it is a genuine need and sometimes it is a mere show off of having the latest gadget.

Now, can I be very pessimistic about the technological advancement? Of course, NO. And I agree that no one will be willing to reject a comfortable life technology brings in. Think about your home- the kitchen, the living, the bedrooms, the dining, the laundry, the garage- all are reflecting the technological pride! The absolute comfortable atmosphere to enjoy a super comfortable life! Even I want it!!

Then, What is my problem? What are my worries?

It’s sofalarity! Which means when the majority of human beings spend most of their time engaged in activities that have little or no connection to actual life in the physical world.  They remain in a virtual world either through watching TV or through the internet! Imagine the condition aggravating with more gadgets and where we land up ultimately?  I want before the whole world becomes idle and gets attacked by all unwanted diseases early in their life, it is better to be alert and guide the population in the right direction to lead a healthy life.

Just give a thought and create an awareness about sofalarity.




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  1. vinneve Avatar

    Wow! that’s a new word to know.

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