Climate and atmospheric conditions

What is an atmospheric condition? It is the condition of the atmosphere in terms of temperature and wind and clouds and precipitation. The atmospheric conditions affect our climate, which is the pattern of variation in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, precipitation, ultraviolet light, and other climate variables that occur over long periods. Industrial and human activities emit gases into the atmosphere in such quantities that its composition and dynamics are changing.

The temperature of the atmosphere matters a lot. High temperature may evaporate the water from various water bodies and can cause clouds which precipitates heavily on the earth or hot temperature may disbalance the atmospheric pressure causing a severe storm, cyclones etc.

The atmosphere surrounding us must be taken care of by us otherwise the destruction may be catastrophic for humankind. The awareness campaign to save environment does not make sense now as we all know the importance of conserving our earth. Now it is the time to take action and save our atmospheric environment as well as all the aspects of this planet which will keep us safe.





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