Happy Children: Happy World

Today, that is the fourteenth day of November is celebrated as Children’s Day in India. Our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was fond of children and that is why his birthday is celebrated as children’s day. Now, this celebration is also customary as we celebrate in the name of father, mother, women and environment. There is no such enthusiasm among people except the school going children and their teachers. Others just forget to wish children as they are busy these days with tight schedules of “work to be done”. And who cares for other children when their own children are facing this dubious world every day? Are the children really happy? Are we able to provide them with the air, water, food they deserve and the life full of innocence? Where does that world full of fun and fairytale vanish? Rather, nowadays, we should teach our children to keep a distance from any dubious activity or a dubious person. Anytime a child may be trapped and anything may happen.

The incident which shook us recently is the murder of a seven-year-old in his school! The crime was committed by a senior student for postponing exam (if the investigations are going in the right direction). Now, who on this earth could have thought this incident to happen for this absurd reason! At least not like persons of my wavelength! Every parent with small school going children are now scared and feared, they have lost sleep! Like one, my sis in law. yesterday we had a long chat over the phone and I could not found words to uplift her mood as I am so puzzled about the human behaviour. Why the behaviour of every other person is changing in this dubious way? Where and how the society is failing?

Moral values have vanished, the demarcation between the right and wrong has vanished! The faith in God has vanished or people have stopped in believing that God exists! The young minds are not full of sacred thoughts, they don’t judge between rights and wrongs. The civilized people are so dubious! How should we train our child to survive here? That was the question asked by my sis in law to me as she might have thought that I knew the answer.

Our generation has not seen these many crimes. The days were trustworthy. We knew what we have in our surrounding, we knew what was right and what was wrong. We knew about honesty, truthfulness, loyalty and all other qualities what a civilized society needs. Not a century ago, but it was only three decades ago, the world was so different. And again I wonder about the “evil”!!If the environment is not secure then how our young buds will feel happy? Why we celebrate “Children’s Day”?

The life of a privileged child is not secure. Can you imagine the plight of the underprivileged dwelling in slums all over the world?




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