Dubious Smog

Delhi has got fame due to all wrong reason-Smog. Delhites are fighting to breath fresh air, the smog has made everything uncertain during the daytime. People are driving the vehicles with headlights on and wearing masks. The selling of air purifiers is on a rise.

The struggle has not deterred the public from making jokes and fun out of it. One of the jokes read – ” In this dubious atmosphere of Delhi, many men are caught hugging their wives tight” — :). Isn’t this funny. In this smoky weather when one is not sure while travelling on road and fighting itching, burning sensations in eyes and skin, anything may happen. People learn lessons but learnt lessons can also be forgotten soon. That is the biggest tragedy. Otherwise, pollution can be prevented with the willpower of public of Delhi. Here are few pics I have collected from different websites to depict the dubious environmental condition of Delhi. Dubious indeed as no one knows where this pollution level will go!








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