Air pollution: Be gingerly about life

I am not able to live in peace for the last couple of days as the news of severe air pollution in Delhi has broken out. The particulate matters are there much beyond a dangerous level. Smog has engulfed the entire area of Delhi, vehicles are running with their headlights on in the daytime. Children are advised to stay indoors. Is not the pollution level of Delhi showing that the planet is doomed already? There is no point of return as said by Prof Stephen Hawkins a couple of days back? Why are we allowing the pollution level go so high? And should other cities and their residents sit quietly thinking the problem should bother only Delhi? It is about the whole planet. Every corner of this planet may get affected by a similar situation. How to take care of ourselves? What we do to check pollution after knowing all theories of prevention?

We all are aware of pollution and its causes. I feel all kinds of activities in Delhi must be stopped immediately. Let all offices and shops and construction works stop. Let only emergency services run as usual. Let no vehicles come out in the street. Let all things become standstill at least for fifteen days! Are you laughing at my idea? But what is more precious than life?  We must do something to stop pollution to spread all over the Earth!

How to keep your lungs safe when air pollution level is high? Or, should we prepare ourselves to save our lungs from the toxic gases in the air? Here are the few things you can do about it:

  • Have plenty of vitamin C and Vitamin E sources through your diet. Lime juice, oranges, sweet limes may help.
  • Olive oil and avocados are good sources of Vitamin E.
  • Broccoli can wash out the toxins like benzene and a lung irritant-acrolein.
  • Tomatoes are helpful as they contain a high amount of lycopene which protects us from respiratory illness.
  • Flaxseeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and phytoestrogens which helps to reduce the allergic reactions.
  • White wines can help you to improve your respiratory and cardiac health.

These foods and other edibles which are rich in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids will help you to fight air pollution and improve your immune system. One more drink which can improve your immune system is the use of ginger in your diet. A ginger tea with lemon juice and honey is very good for health as far as lungs, digestive system, throat infections are concerned. This drink may be antidiabetic also. Lots of studies are going on in this direction.

ginger tea
Ginger, Lemon and Honey mixed in Darjeeling tea. It is very good to taste and very soothing for the throat when it is cold outside. November is the month when we feel the weather changed and it is the time for many viral, bacterial diseases. have ginger tea at least once in a day and feel fresh! I did it today.

Our foremost duty is to see that this wide world is protected from the ill activities of its superior species. We should not spare any chance to protect our planet, it is the time to practice our preachings about environmental protection. With that, we must also take care of our health. Strengthening our immune system is need of the hour to survive from the pollution blanket which is surrounding us. Let us not allow this blanket to grow thicker day by day. Let us fight together.






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