Say “yes” to Dancing

Why everyone should learn dancing? So many horror stories are keeping us engrossed in thinking. Mass murders are shocking us every day or people losing the life without any fault of theirs. We discuss among ourselves,  social media walls and twitter posts get flooded with various comments, analysis and slowly all fades off till another horror story comes up. What turns an innocent child into the most difficult adult? And what I do about it? What we, the self-acclaimed ‘normal’ ‘mentally healthy’ people do about it? Are we thinking seriously? What are the ways to grow up a normal mentally healthy child? Maybe teaching them dancing is one of the many ways!

From childhood, a lesson in dancing may help a person to develop a better personality and combat the life situations which make him unhappy. Dancing is the form of expressing a celebration mood, expressing a happier emotion, it is part of rituals sometimes and it is a method to bare your soul out. Many forms of dance create beauty and art which is delights of the eyes, but one needs to understand the expressions. I have my share of memories of my school life when I used to observe all dancers very closely and tried to mimic them at home.  Any kind of celebrations was marked with dance. Later, I saw the craze for dancing grew up among school students, almost all children use to dance on Annual Day functions of their school. I appreciate the efforts of their teachers and the school authorities to make all child to realise a special feeling instead of one or two the best dancers. When all children go to the stage and perform a dance drama then it helps them to build courage, confidence and high self-esteem. Children learn to create art and value art which is fundamental to any civilization. Dance and music keep the children busy while helping them not to divert their attention to reaching their goals.


When your child is into dancing it helps him/her to tackle life’s adverse situations. The problems of real life are so diverse that we never know when we fell prey to it and start feeling disgusted with life. The unwanted mood swings, depressions, discontentment can be tackled with music, guitars and dance. While my visit to foreign countries I saw people enjoying weekends with music and dance with all their expensive attires on. At the first sight I felt it was unnecessary, extravagant show offs but afterwards while at the calm, I felt its worth. When people are highly stressed and uncertain about life how they survive without the release of the stress day in and day out? dancing alone with all heart and soul or with a very good partner brings positiveness for life. People wish to live longer when they feel happy. What is the best way o feel happy? Definitely, it is when you release all your pain through a form of art. You move your body, slowly, gracefully, listening to a music you create a rhythm, you bare your soul out, express your happiness as if no one is watching you, you lose yourself, forget the world. dancing is far better way to forget everything, dancing is better than drinking alcohol sitting in a corner to forget your pain.  I don’t want to discuss the different forms of dancing here, maybe there are hundreds of forms. But you are always free to choose a form you like the most.


Dancing not only keeps one’s positive attitude alive but also helps in building body; muscle and bone strength increases, body weight can be controlled and mental health and strength can be enhanced. So, learn the steps you like and dance to keep yourself happy.








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