Proxy- AI system

Proxy- the word triggers the mind. While giving a proxy for my friend in a class I kept my mind very alert because I had to cheat my teacher. Of course, the initial days in college were exciting and we were indulged in various kinds of fun activities. One such day taught me the word proxy. And the practice continued- someday I bunked class and some other day any of my close friends bunked the class. Proxy came in rescue.

Never thought of becoming a teacher after cheating teachers in various ways! But my destiny pulled me to the educational field where again “proxy” became part and parcel of my daily life but this time I am standing on the opposite side of the dais. The “proxy” attendance keeps my mind alert and I catch students randomly. Thus, I grew my reputation as a strict teacher who cannot be cheated very easily. A tough task indeed- remembering the name and face of every student present in the class.

How to reduce my work? A person as an educator does lots of work. Tracking every child and evaluating their performance which is later conveyed to their parents with a positive note is not an easy job! Lots of time is consumed in checking examination papers, homework, helping students in solving problems, clearing their doubts about concepts, showing them videos related to subjects, providing links which can help them to understand better and then extracurricular activities! Afterall, parents depend on schooling system where their child is supposed to be enlightened with all aspects of life. Now, how a teacher enhances knowledge?  Is he or she gets enough time to read a book or watch a video to enhance knowledge? Do the teacher seeks a “proxy” object to help her out? Yes, I do seek or wish for my shadow to work for me while I can read books and the blog posts of other bloggers!! I wish to listen to music, watch movies, visit new places and want to share my knowledge with my students. Perhaps, this kind of difficulties in many areas of our life, where people find a day’s time is insufficient to finish tasks and enjoy life, brought in the concept of ‘AI’- artificial intelligence. In near future, robots will do our work, especially in education. They will help students to understand, help them to solve problems, evaluate and thus, helping the process of teaching and learning. Questions will arise for the efficiency of an “artificial intelligence” system, how helpful they will be in developing a student’s mind, in developing the learning process- may it be for the better or for the worse but then, should we stop experimenting fearing some detriments? We do not know where the artificial intelligence will take us, how the system will replace the manpower or the machines will wipe out humanity from Earth? Machines can not replace emotions, judgements, values and experiences for sure. Machines can not replace many of the human qualities, the human mind is supreme and will remain supreme. We can experiment with a “proxy” system which will provide us more time to think and create more wonders. We must restrict the machines so that it can not dominate us, it can not pose a threat to humankind but remain a slave to us will fulfil the purpose of introducing AI system to the world! There is a lot of work going on in the field of AI which may control us with10101010, I am eager to see the implementation on a positive note and believe that many of you think like me. AI or a proxy system triggers the mind, creates the curiosity but the curiosity must not kill the cat(humans)!!






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