There are various ways to show gratitude. Every day is a gift, we are alive is the greatest gift God has given to us. Once a doctor told me “Feel grateful that you are living healthy, you are not suffering from any ailments”. I have a chance to get indulged in conversation with doctors very often and I know how people suffer. I don’t like to visit hospitals but cannot avoid it too, as someone gets admitted almost every month! Whenever in hospitals, I feel grateful to God that I am able to help others who are suffering. When you see others suffering, you feel how fortunate you are! I learnt how to remain happy in life, not because I am the richest but the surroundings taught me to feel happy with what I have. I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have so many things and I too felt to have a cursed life. During that period of my life, I had my mom and few close friends beside me who always said to be happy, to feel happy with what I had as many people suffering from the least food and clothes. Then I had few opportunities to travel as a team member of University to various remote backward places and what I saw cant be described here. I could not take pictures as I was shocked, the poorest women with their children brought tears to my eyes. We tried to help them by donating clothes, money and food. But wished to find out a permanent solution to uplift their lives. There are many poor people but hardly we know the ways to help them. I had the opportunities to interact with orphans, the blind children and my voice choked by seeing their plights. I and my colleagues make it sure to visit them once in every year. When we see them smile because of us, we feel grateful that we are a privileged class. Our thoughts are transferred to our students too. They also used to visit the underprivileged with cooked food and fruits. The spirit of gratitude must be passed on to next generation to build a better world.

The things we can do to express our gratitude to the Almighty:

  • Donate things, money, good food, chocolates, clothes, essentials like utensils, sports goods, books, writing materials to the needy.
  • Donate old clothes to a centre from where it can be distributed to the needy like natural disasters victims or the poor.
  •  Donate shoes, clothes, medicines, fruits to those who can not afford it.
  • Give free education to poor children if you can. For example, my colleagues give computer lessons to government school children who do not have good teachers and the schools do not have an infrastructure.
  • Plant trees and keep your environment clean. Educate people about saving the planet.
  • Whenever you visit a restaurant, leave tips for the waiters/ waitresses.
  • Visit hospitals once in a year, give food to the relatives of the patients or help them the way you want. I know many people who cook food and give it to cancer patients and their relatives.
  • You can visit the sites where the labours work and give them nutritious food at least once in a year.

There are plenty of ways to show kindness. Doing the act of kindness will enhance the quality of your soul and the satisfaction you will get cannot be bought with any amount of money. Spread the message bearing the benefits of showing gratitude in form of kindness whenever you get a chance. The world needs happiness and the people who can spread happiness. Work for the betterment of humanity!





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