Life revolves around…..

blue rose.jpeg

My Life revolves around–

What I prefer to believe?—- Human Compassion

What I prefer to remember?—–Happy Moments

What I prefer to forget?—–Failures

What I prefer to discuss?—–Progress

What I prefer to Read?—–Enlightening thoughts

What I prefer to eat?—-Nutritious food

What I prefer to wear?—Ethnic Dresses

Which activities I prefer?—-Good sleep.

What I prefer to admire?—Achievements and beauty

If we sort out our preferences, we will be knowing how we spend our whole day and how to make life purposeful. It is good to watch a good movie, read a good book, nurture your passion, do work for the improvement of humanity, write what you like or cook your favourite food rather than indulging yourself in unnecessary discussions or gossips. I feel, our preferences grow up from our childhood. It is much influenced by our surroundings- schools, family, friends, society help us to choose our day to day activities which ultimately reflects our preferences about life.









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