Surrealism rejects logic, reason and natural order. The art uses techniques such as dreamlike or ghostly qualities, complete abstract piece leaving the viewer fixed to think and understand it. The wave of surrealism had seen many painters,sculptors and   writers. Among them one name in the art and sculpture is salvador Dali. I was just going through various surrealistic paintings and remain awestruck with all of them. Some were beyond my understanding. The first time I got  struck with surrealistic character was when I read a book about Vincent Van Gogh. The life of the genius brought tears to my eyes. Surrealism is possible with eccentrics or it is the other way. What must be gene structure and brain neuron compositions which develops  surrealistic characters like Salvador Dali or Van Gogh? Van Gogh may not be called as surrealist but as an expressionist or impressionist, but his paintings are a class apart. How much we read about Picasso, van Gogh, salvador Dali, da Vinci, Angelo, we fall short of knowledge about that particular character. I am fortunate enough to see the art created by Michael Angelo and they are just amazing!! The wonders, the astonishment by looking at his art made me tired. When you get so much fascinated by someone you want to go back to that era, you want them to see alive and witness their creations! The surrealist art, literature and their creators to amaze us! Gone were the days, gone were the talents. All remain is History and why History is so important? It still fascinates us!!

Sunrise by Salvador Dali
The face of war by Salvador Dali
The Lip Sofa by Salvador Dali. Wish to have one at my home 🙂


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