Trademark with a twist

Slipping away little from the original meaning of trademark to introduce my thoughts find my heartthrobs! I loved many things in this life of mine and look forward to falling in love with many more things which I have not discovered yet. I love to see doctors with pleasant smiles, with the Godly approach and whenever I enter into a Doctor’s room I watch out for every nitty-gritty of that room. Why I do that I don’t know but maybe I want to check the taste of the doctor which ultimately reflects his efficiency!

A doctor’s desk must have a writing pad, laptop, stethoscope, nice pens and a pen stand, paper-weight, a Manometer and a flowerpot in a corner.

Similarly, I love to be there in professor’s room. Whether it’s his lab, office or home a Professor must be surrounded by books.

A professor with students and books.

How a lawyer must be dressed? In India, many of us are fascinated by the black coat of the lawyer.


I don’t believe that a Pilot never attracted you! The most fascinating creatures on earth with fabulous style and gesture!
The most decorated naval officers. A soldier, an Airforce Pilot or  A Naval Officer can bowl you out with their trademark dress codes.
Imagine a Chef without the spotless white clothes which describe his food must be as perfect as the whiteness and brightness of this dress!
And the ultimate trademark attire of an astronaut. I bow down my head every time I watch them. The most courageous souls.

My imagination, my dreams are having some trademark thoughts. Here they go:










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