Rush! Rush!Rush!

The morning hours bring noises everywhere. Four of the family members shout at each other- for bath, for getting ready, for breakfast and even for a comb. All the four want to go out to do their duties. Every household, every lane, every corner of the city experiences the cacophony which drives every one of us. The small tea shop in the end of the lane, the barber shop, the vegetable market, the first bus of the day or the first vendor on the lane. Everyone takes part in the morning cacophony!! I can remember my school days when I used to study in the late night with the hope of sound sleeping hours in the morning, but the horns of the vendors and cacophony of their voices disappointed me every day. The anguish of getting out of the pillows and blankets with half sleep could never be expressed as the offenders used to vanish before I could catch hold of them!


Being a citizen of a densely populated country, I just giggled on my own by seeing the prompt word today! A small town girl travelled a lot experiencing the cacophony of life. The unorganised life creates the cacophony in your mind. Hunger, unemployment, poverty, bad roads, no electricity, no money to pay school fees, all not-haves make a lot of cacophony in sufferer’s mind. The more you peep into the darker side of life you experience more cacophony. The fakes, the sociopaths, the criminals, the dishonesty, the harmful jealous creatures, who make one think hard creating a cacophony in the mind.

The morning cacophony around us and the everyday cacophony the society creates, have the different frequencies, different wavelengths of pleasure and pain, but we live with them, they are part of our lives.






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