I could relate the present world scenario of human behaviour with this quote and thought of sharing it. Are we not more self-obsessed than before? The modern electronic gadgets enlightened us but made us live inside a shell of self-satisfaction of possession. As the wired social connection is increasing and taking us into a virtual world, we are losing the emotional connection, the humane connection and we are slowly slipping into a “no return” phase.

What enlightenment has done to us is a matter of concern. If not given attention then this world may get converted into a land of ALIENS!


11 responses to “Lost Humane Touch”

  1. Infact wired connection has utility, that’s why it came into existence in the first place. It connects people when they start living into water tight compartment. They share, care via wires as they are far away from each other. But how we use it, is more important

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    • But don’t you feel that social media connections are fake too, sometimes. Show off, pretention dominates. I don’t have problem with connectivity through wires but I feel that many things are superficial. Old days were better. Thank you for reading 🙂

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      • I would say in real world too we meet many fake people and eventually we find them out. These fake people are here too and because of wider coverage of social media we meet many fakesters. So precautions are always better.😃

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      • Yes. true. 🙂 Innocence lost due to enlightenment? I thought in that way. It’s just one way of thinking. Technology is the need of the hour but it is killing emotional bonding. Would like to know your take on this line.

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      • For me it depends on how we use term ’emotional bonding’. If people have bonding then they could share their emotions over wire, or in real world in the same way. There will be no difference at all. If people are mature enough then there is no cause of worry. Infact on the contrary I believe technology is actually widening emotional bonding. Though there will be setbacks sometimes but if a person is resilient then he/she will cope up easily. Acting responsibly in both real and virtual world is always good.

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      • Yes, the world is getting too much materialistic. Again the materials available are the results of development, mostly technological. And then money matters, wealth matters…….so rush for wealth creation!

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      • Materials are made available for the purpose of profit. Development has nothing to do with economic growth. For them people are like a herd of sheep and nothing at all. They manipulate minds/thoughts of consumers via advertisements, ideologies, movies etc etc.


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