How to release your pain?

Emotions are part of life. Everyone goes through a phase of break-down, loss, failure or any incident which causes severe heartache and a feeling of worthlessness. Life is all about sweet and sour experiences- I started my blog writing with this idea of expressing all my life experiences. I could share all my happiness with others, I could express the joy of my successes whenever I met them but I could not express my anger, frustration, pain in the same way! Sorrow is something different, the problems you face can’t be shared- this is the way of life, I was taught. And you should not talk about your problems as many are waiting out there to hear to it and get elated for your troubles. So if we say less about the darker side of human behaviour it is better. That is why find out your own ways to remain happy and feel hopeful.

What do I do to express myself? What do I do to keep myself engaged?

I write and post. I go through various blog posts, social media network, talking to friends and try to do creative work apart from my daily routine work of teaching. The workplace and my classroom podium helped to forget severe painful moments of my life. Our workplace is where we release our talents and passions. So whenever you are in pain, do visit your workplace, don’t take leave. And if your job is the reason for pain then put leave and go for a long distance travel to recharge yourself unless you find a new job.

Indulge yourself in creative work as much as possible beside your daily work. I have just celebrated the Happy Festival of Deepavali and I will show you how little things brought me joy. The Ways to bring a joyful environment at home and be happy:

My Diwali holidays included book reading: you forget world by the enlightenment of knowledge enhanced by the lights of lamps.
I arranged lamps in various ways and did some photography. A good way to release pain.
What else can make you happier than arranging colours and create havoc on the floor!
Colours and lighting the lamps which take away all sorrows. My friend’s daughter is very good at drawing rangolis. I enjoyed her creations too. Enjoy the creative works and appreciate: you forget your pain.
Indulge yourself in good food. I prepared sweets and snacks. The kheer made out of boondi laddoos ( Indian Sweet) is a ‘first time’ by me. I innovate in the kitchen and thinking about recipes takes away all evils from my mind!
Snacks prepared by me.
What can give you more pleasure than painting and decorating the lamps? The wonderful creations this Diwali by my sweethearts.

Hence, there are plenty of ways to express your joy and release your pain. Forget what bad has happened to you and indulge yourself in creative works, good food and travel. Look around, have some good friends, release your energy and feel tired to sleep. It is a matter of time when you come from pains and live life to the fullest.

( All pics by Revolving around life)








3 responses to “How to release your pain?”

  1. Prof.Kusal Das Avatar
    Prof.Kusal Das

    Superb expression


  2. mukhamani Avatar

    Beautiful lamps, lovely rangoli and delicious sweets 🙂 I liked what you have written. Regards.


    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Thank you 🙂 Deepavali allwos us to create and bring positive vibes.


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