A good teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.— Henry Adams

“Rohan, I am expecting A+ grade from you this time, you put little more effort, you can achieve it for sure” OR “Nikita, don’t be scared too much about Mathematics, you can obtain B this time as you have understood the concepts well.” Boosting up a student’s confidence by acknowledging the expected marks they can score is what a teacher does. A teacher is expected to communicate with students well through delivering lectures, clearing the concepts of the subjects, high in moral values and honesty a teacher is the leader of the class. Students always look up to their teachers for guidance, for a friend, for a problem solver with whom they can share their troubles. A teacher who fulfils all the expectations of his students is called a good teacher whom the students idolize.


The word expectation has such a charm when we talk about the educators and their disciples. The world of an Institution is “expectations” and only expectations drive the teachers, the parents and the students. If you are sending your child to school, you expect certain things to be there, you expect a certain teaching-learning process where your child learns almost everything! Your child learns about all subjects, music, sports, dance, art and craft. Your child learns how to open lunch boxes and eat healthily, how to go to toilets, what good manners are, how to communicate with others, how to think about a Science project or what the tricks to solve puzzles and reasoning are. Mathematics, Geometry, Geography, Oceanography, Astronomy, Shakespeare, Einstein, everything and everyone tries to inspire your child. The list can be endless as school is the second home for the child. Hence, here lies the world of expectations about the next generation, the future nation builders and caretakers of the world. The teacher is expected to realise this huge responsibility on his shoulder and he tries his best to deliver. The same expectations are carried forward in colleges and in universities and other higher educational institutions. The hidden expectations and the expressed expectations and the achieved expectations determine the standard of an Educational Institution. All of us have that hidden expectation to be there in Harvard, Cambridge or Oxford! Right?After all, the expectation is the embedded trait existing in human, by birth!

So, every time for everything we can’t say “Do Not Expect”. There are certain areas where the expectations run high. We expect good governance, good amenities, clean environment, a peaceful life, no hunger around, no frauds, no negative points. Do we expect much?

Now, returning to the point where my thought is circling. Do a teacher expect anything from his students? He teaches the uncountable number of students all through his life. Students come, learn and leave, mostly satisfied. Then the teacher turns old, slowly becomes alone. At the end of life, when he looks back, he sees many glowing faces, many gorging with success, many earned name and fame in society, many are lost. The teacher remains quiet in his own world waiting for the last day, reading the quotes “Never expect anything from anyone”! And he follows.








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