Loyalty is a Lifestyle

I remember, when I was a child, I had a habit of collecting coins, stamps of different countries and quotes of famous people. The days were without TV and computers, only hard copies could quench our thirst for knowledge. We had beautiful diaries, and writing pads with coloured papers where we use to preserve precious quotes with beautiful handwriting. Gone are those days but the quotes are still alluring us. Who can forget the quotes like “Time and Tide wait for none” and “Honesty is the best policy”!!

Time flew, we have ascended to the modern era with fascinating infrastructure everywhere, the means of communicating with people are now through the internet, the “social networking” is ascending to a newer and greater height. We are trying to ascend in our every approach, be it our style of communicating, appreciating, criticising others or be it fashion and possession we are just glued to facebook to know about recent trends. The glittered world is aggressive enough to keep us occupied, it is capable enough to keep us away from reality, it is fake enough to distract us from loyalty. With the show off on the rise, with the fake appreciations on the rise, where is the time for people to think about honesty and loyalty? The ‘lie’ has become the new ‘truth’, love is encased in few quotes and loyalty has just vanished.  I wonder counting my grey hairs-how far have I travelled in my life’s journey? How wide is the generation gap? The days when moral values were taught were not “long ago”. Now, people will be around as long as they need you, once their job is over they will disappear. One can not rely on other, to be honest, and loyal. You never know the reality of your closest friend! Backbiting and backstabbing are so common nowadays! From this kind of disloyalty around, the social insecurity is ascending and people are loving solitude. Today, before I encounter with the “prompt” word, I attended a session in college about managing depression by a set of the psychiatrist.  They talked about the cause of depression, the anxiety and tensions of today’s world and said about remedies too. I felt nothing new has been told as we know the remedies lie in meditation, deep breath, opening up to your close friends and relatives or colleagues, but is that really possible? What do we do to bring back the days which were filled with honest and loyal people? Now we can rely only on our pets to realise loyalty!!

I know I have deviated a lot, I know I am sounding negative but I just can’t help myself! I believe in loyalty, either you are perfectly loyal or you are disloyal, no midway exists.

So, why we love to go through quotes, why the quotes adorn our walls, notebooks, diaries, books, thesis and now the internet- Google a word related quote and you get one.

Quotes are the famous words said by experienced people who are expert enough to put the correct words to express their thoughts. All quotes or said words are true and some words touch our heart, we can relate to them. Life teaches, the people you meet teaches you a lot, a pet or a child, teaches us the truths of life. Life hurts but it is a wonderful experience to be alive, to learn every day!

Live life to the fullest and keep learning. Just remember, to have a better world, Honesty and loyalty must be the “lifestyle”.





4 responses to “Loyalty is a Lifestyle”

  1. Prof.Kusal Das Avatar
    Prof.Kusal Das


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  2. dreamfilleddaughter Avatar

    This was more thought-provoking and inwardly-speaking than anything I’ve read in a good long time, such good writing!

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Thank you so so much 🙂 I am inspired

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