Try punching Cloaks and Shawls

Nothing is more interesting than fashion. Cloak gives you a chance of thinking of style in winters. How long the same old sweaters, coats, jackets and blazers continue to keep us warm? why not we think about little differently? When I peeped into today’s prompt, I thought about knowing more about winter clothing and landed into Pinterest. Lots of cloak designs excited me! Usually, we Indians do not use cloaks much, we are fond of shawls along with sweaters when the cold bites hard. We have wonderful shawls with amazing embroideries done on them. These shawls are mostly weaved in the Northern part of India, especially in Kashmir. Beautiful shawls from Kashmir are must-haves in every Indian wardrobe. I still remember, with the arrival of winter, so many Kashmiri young boys used to come down south, west and eastern part of India to sell beautiful shawls. We used to buy them every year and counting the nubers increasing. Their style of showing the shawls colourwise, design wise was very attractive. So, remembering those old days again today and thought about something new which can be attractive. Why am I not a fashion designer? Regretting today 🙂

cloaks with buttons
Cloaks with blanket material
A style of wrapping which can keep you warmer.
A child looks so cute in red cloak
A comfortable cloak

Live in style with cloaks. But now see the similarity of cloaks with Indian shawls. The shawls can be converted into amazingly beautiful cloaks!


one of the wrapping style
A shawl can keep your whole body warm

                                 Beautiful Shawls and different style of wearing them.

Gorgeous embroidery and colours can lift up the mood of the celebration anytime. Just imagine beautiful cloaks out of shawls!

I am feeling enlightened in an unusual manner today.  I have many shawls lying idle. Now it’s time I do some experimentation with them. What about you? Get up to create wonderful wear for the coming winter!

Hope you liked my Idea!

(Pic Courtesy: Pinterest and google)

Featured Image: A Kashmiri Pashmina work Shawl





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