footI am not an athlete, never been to athletic events, never tried. Hate exercise.
But a great fan of Diego Maradona, in fact, fallen in love with football after watching him play in 1986 FIFA World Cup. I was too young and lost sleep over football, that fever of football is now transferred to my child by me! There are so many athletes I admire, including almost all top Lawn Tennis players, footballers, swimmers, runners and the Olympic Games. I wish to see Olympics at least once, in two years, four is quite longer!


Alamy stock photos.

I just wanted to say I watch all the games during Olympics, watch my country’s players struggle for medals. But watching them creates a patriotic fervour within.

Very few children get the chance to participate in sports, that is the irony of all the developing countries. If sports were taken seriously, then India could have seen many world famous athletes. Still, we regret of not having proper infrastructure and opportunities available for players. There are no hopes visible also-but hopes keep us alive!

My favourites: Ronaldo, Maradona and Phelps.


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