Something to think about

Canada is facing a rapid climate change. Average temperatures are rising across the board, during winter most of all. In the past 65 years, Canada’s national average winter temperature has risen 3.2 degrees.

This reaffirms what many suspected. Canada is getting hotter faster than ever before and at a faster rate than almost any other country. Rain, snow, sleet and hail storms are becoming more erratic. What was once considered exceptional weather patterns are becoming common now?

I was going through this alarming news today and decided that I must raise an alarm for protection of our planet. Though in my blogs I have written about many issues on the environment. It is indeed not a good news as we all are aware of the geographical position of Canada. Near the North pole, many glaciers melted, in South pole a chunk of ice is displaced. Why this is happening is not unknown to us, but then what do we do about it? Someone collects news, shares it in media, some people read, feels the worry for few days and then everything becomes as normal as possible. There is no candlelight march to protect the planet we live in or no serious activities are noticed. We love to roam around in air-conditioned shopping malls, use ACs in our plush cars and homes, we love to consume electricity as much as possible, we love going on long drives, we love all luxuries of life. Are we really bothered to save this planet? Are we worried about the last day or do we believe in that Last Day? I don’t think so.planet

What is the actual situation? Sir Issac Newton had given us the “Apple” theory, yep, the force of gravitation is holding this tiny me on this planet! Had this force not existing I might have swept away in this huge universe. I would not have existed. All of us and our luxuries are due to the force of gravitation. We are existing for oxygen and for water. Let us not destroy the oxygen by converting it into carbon dioxide and let us not produce water vapours in plenty and check the rise of water levels too. Water and wind are essential but excess of them can end our lives. In my opinion, we have enough of knowledge on planet protection but by action, we are lazy, careless and not bothered at all. Otherwise, we would not have Harvey, Irma, Maria, one by one swallowing us! We would not have this news on Canada. It is time for action, protect the tiniest you on this Universe or get dissolved in it!planet1planet2




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