Platters to Pamper

What do I do on weekends? It’s absolute pampering of the soul through the stomach.

I live the passion of cooking good food on Saturdays and Sundays. I love to post them in my cookery group in social media. I learn new dishes by watching food shows and I travel to pamper myself. Here is a glimpse of my indulgence with cooking this weekend!

It’s not only family time but we spend some valuable time with close friends with food prepared by me. Blogging and cooking to pamper myself this weekend!!

Prawns with bottle guard and spinach with vegetables.  Nutritious indeed!
Green leafy vegetables and green ladies fingers.
fish fry
Fish fry and sweets to spoil me on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
stir fry
Sunday noon with stir-fried chicken with lots of dry fruits.
Saturday Lunch: Chicken with almond, cashew and sesame paste.
chicken fry1
Chicken fries with the salad. I used simple regular spices, curd, cornflour and one egg to prepare these delectable fries.









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