Pamper yourself on the weekends

In continuation with my previous post on decluttering on weekends, I would also like to remind you that the weekends are for pampering yourself too. Life, nowadays, really sucks. There is no way to get rid of our work or so to say earning the livelihood. The job, the passions, the social responsibilities, looking after family members, commitments keep us so busy that rarely we have that “me” time. I can remember the days when my children were small and how I was juggling between home and workplace. Really dreadful days when sometimes I used to think “who am I’” actually? Am I the same little girl who had those big eyes full of dreams to conquer the world?

Slowly but steadily I learnt life’s lessons and that one is reflected in my previous blog post. Now, to remind you that you are important too, I am again ready with some tips on how you can spend your weekend holidays meaningfully and feel thankful to God.

  1. Start planning on Thursday night itself that which kind of entertainment you want this Saturday and Sunday with your family? It may be visiting a water park, any sanctuary (bird or animals), visit a museum or simply moving around in a mall, eating out and watch a movie. Decide well ahead and prepare yourself.
  2. Once the time is decided, utilise your Friday nights in organising your house and cleaning your fridge. Try to declutter a little and then go for a good night’s sleep. Remember a good sleep will take away all the tiredness accumulated throughout the week.
  3. Start the Saturday morning fresh with a brunch of your choice, cook good food for you and family. Sit out in the garden, enjoy having food amidst nature. In case you don’t have a garden, you can pack the cooked food and go for an outing in a nearby park or to any place of your choice. In this way, you can enjoy family fun
  4. While returning you can drop yourselves or family shopping and the shopping for the week ahead. For this, you need to use your planner with the shopping list.
  5. Once the shopping for next week is done, you will feel relaxed and can plan for the items to be cooked on Sunday to store in the fridge.
  6. Now, you can take out some time for yourself. Go for a long walk or o to a parlour to pamper yourself. Take care of your skin, hair, nutrition, immunity whatever you want and feel you have missed throughout the week. I usually cook green vegetables on the weekend and pop up some pills of calcium and multivitamins sincerely.
  7. Check out on your all paper works on Saturday night if you are staying at home. Clean your purse, arrange your clothes and shoes for next week, put all washable materials in the washing machine and when all done try watching a movie or your favourite programme on TV. Keep a simple dinner for Saturday night. If you are out, then pamper yourself with your weekend activities.
  8. Sundays should be for a late rise and start slow. Feel relaxed. Do your rituals that is remember God. Thank Him for you are alive!. Then the whole Sunday spend time on arranging your house and meals and get ready for the Monday. Spend time in your living room or in your reading room.
  9. Pamper yourself as much as possible with your favourite activities on Sunday. Spend time with your children on the weekends so that the family bonding grows up. Our children must learn the value of a family support system.
  10. I prefer spending time at home on the weekends as I stay out of my sweet home most of the time. This is true for all working folk. So, weekends are there to enjoy your home and family. You may spend your time to take a tour to nearby place but that is good if you do it once in a month because keeping your home organized need you to be there at home.

The gist is – pamper yourself, your family and your home on the weekend and keep yourself HAPPY.

Have a beautiful Monday tomorrow.








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