10 ways to Lead Uncluttered Life

I often feel that the people who can lead an organized life are superhuman beings. These people lead a hassle-free life with peace every day. While I get stuck up with clutters piling up everywhere in my house my sis in law has a very organized house and she fulfils all her passions with art. She is absolutely tension free. I wonder how she does it?

She has her own planning. She chooses every one day for one work after coming from her teaching job. She cooks food twice in a week, does her laundry on Tuesday, organizes her kitchen and bathrooms (three) on Wednesday, takes care of her bedroom on Thursday and finally goes through all her and kids’ wardrobes on Friday night. She goes out for shopping on Saturday after checking out on all the materials all through the week, doesn’t buy unnecessary things. I was amazed on listening to her organized life when I visited her in Atlanta. My sis in law is an artist who works for the Indian community, a very good writer and a voracious reader apart from her passion for teaching. Still, she leads a clutter-free life!

A cluttered space or schedule translates to a cluttered mind and can prevent you from focusing.

All too often, we accumulate excess possessions. Attractive items are everywhere calling you tirelessly and you cannot check your greed and end up buying. You also feel tired or not have time to go to market frequently, so you end up buying unnecessary things in anticipation. But later realise that you have accumulated clutters. Have you ever thought how much of your energy and attention is directed toward looking after your material belongings?  Only keep those items that actively serve you or make you happy in some way.

Here are few tips to lead an uncluttered life:

  1. Always have one planner handy and write your weekly plan on Sundays or any other day convenient to you
  2. Take one room at a time to declutter. Importantly, the place of your home mostly used are kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. Try to unclutter one room one day.
  3. Keep your living room clutter free every day. The best way is to clean your living room/ hall in every morning. If anything is not needed or it is untidy by your kids with unnecessary things then transfer the trashes immediately in the bins.
  4. Clean your bedrooms too after you get up from the bed. But take some time on a particular day to throw away the trashes after a thorough check on items not needed like old cosmetics, outdated medicines, broken materials, wrappers, clothes unfolded, untidy dressing tables, drawers, closets, under the bed and every possible place where clutters can make their livings.bedroom
  5. Bathrooms must be tidy and maintain bathrooms too needs energy. Cleaning wash basins, toilets and floor is an everyday job. Apart from these, many used bottles of cleaners, phenyls, soaps, hand wash, shampoos and so many trash items can be found in bathrooms. It depends on the person’s capability of living abundantly! So, pay attention to your bathrooms once in a week.bathroom
  6. If you are living in an independent house then you must have a garage place and here you love to dump your so many items starting from your shoes, windcheaters, sports goods, car tools and what not? You know better as this place often showcases about your passion! Right? We may find canvas and painting kits or a guitar over there! So peep into your garage space sincerely at least once in a week.
  7. Then the kitchen and your fridge! God knows how much we buy to feed ourselves and how many half-empty packets are lying around along with plastics, wrappers, unclean napkins, towels, unused utensils, crockeries and so much more. Never allow the clutters to accumulate in your kitchen and for heaven’s sake do not buy unnecessary things. Here you require sitting on your table with the planner. Check out what is your genuine need and buy those things only.kitchen2kitchen
  8. Your working station at home, reading room or your special room where you live your passion. These rooms can be organized once in a month. Pay attention here too.
  9. Similarly pay attention to your wardrobes fortnightly. It depends on how many you have! Or, pay attention to each wardrobe once in a week. We have a habit of buying clothes and we should not blame ourselves, we need various kinds of clothes according to the season. So, don’t feel tired but love your clothes and keep them in an organized way, spend some time on it. Avoid buying unnecessarily and donate the materials not used for long period of time.
  10. Use three bins for- Recycle, Donate and Throw. Fill the bins whenever you have time. Throwing away can be done every day but donation and recycling need some planning. Use one Sunday to donate and one Sunday to recycle. But do not postpone donating and recycling, otherwise, you again end up with cluttering!

Leading an organized life is a journey. You have to practice it every day. Clutter can go beyond possessions as well, such as having false friends in your life who drain your resources or saying yes to everyone and their needs. Try saying NO.

What I have learnt from my sis in law is the best method. That is work almost every day to lead an uncluttered life. I started practising “buy less, Use less, Save money, Save energy, Live your passion”.









3 responses to “10 ways to Lead Uncluttered Life”

  1. simpledimple Avatar

    I like your take on the prompt. I enjoyed reading it. Great post. 🙂

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      thank you. your words are inspiring.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. simpledimple Avatar

        You’re welcome. 🙂


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