Who can be mightier than Tarzan, Phantom and Spiderman? For a kid, the answer is “nobody”. Childhood days were funny as we lived in a different world with this mighty heros! I still remember swallowing the comic strips of Phantom, getting lost in the jungle, to their den and always wanted to see Diana Palmer and jane in real. I was fascinated by their beauty and as they were the LOVE of the mightiest, a child ever knew! The horse, the friends of the supermen, the twin children made my dream world. I never left the smallest comic strip in any newspaper or on a piece of paper to read. Such was my fantasy world. Later I came to know about the reality as I grew up. But then the younger generation of mine tried to copycat spiderman and some even lost their lives while doing the dangerous act. I don’t have the idea about present generation as most of them are addicted to electronic gadgets. Maybe now the games are mightier than Phantoms and Tarzans! I thought a lot about today’s prompt and then zeroed in on these comic characters. The daily prompts are effective in stimulating our thoughts, takes us through past, present and future. Mighty words indeed!! 🙂 🙂

My Hero: Once upon a time.
Hugely respected by me!
Never missed him on TV. Glued to the screen to see his actions.








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