Mental Illness-any way out?

The mental illness is on a joy ride in all countries but in India its maximum. In this century we have reached Mars but mental illness is still a taboo. The patient and the surrounding people seldom care to pay attention to the needs of the patient. The reasons are many- depression for not getting the desired object or failing to achieve the highest performance index, failed relationship, seclusion from family and friends or egoism. The matter is complex as nobody can read anybody’s mind. There is no beep sound coming out of my mind if I am severely hurt by someone. I have to tackle my failures on my own which needs I must have a very strong mind, I am courageous and I possess a positive attitude towards life. If I am depressed, to whom I should go for consultation? Who is that superhuman to act as a torchbearer for me? Difficult to find out. Huh!

Psychiatry and psychology is a complex subject, otherwise, we would have more psychologists around to help us out. Or, the job is not lucrative or people hesitate to go to a psychiatrist and a psychologist for help. All the above can be included for there is a crisis of the experts in this field.

Do the Government of all countries are alert enough to notice this menace of suicidal tendencies among young people? How the authoritative people are acting to enhance the number of psychologists and counsellors? We don’t have an idea nor do we put a heed to this issue. Is there any allocation of funds to set up Institutions and hospitals for mental care? Is there any awareness created to drag students to take up Psychology? Is a medical student get enough exposure to treat the mentally ill patient? All the answers may come with negativity or feebly positive!!

Why this picture?

This picture shows you a huge bowl of soup and breadcrumbs. Now how many crumbs you want to put in? Maybe very few? One, two, three or four and five will be too many, right? So ou Government put thoughts in this way. How much money can be allocated for the mental well-being of citizens? Only 0.06% of total health budget and you know, health budget itself is too small compared to defence budget! (World Health Organization’s Mental Health Atlas of 2011,) As per other data available, it’s one trained psychologist over 400000 Indians!! It’s a long long way to go indeed, by the time we do something, we may lose many young lives.

Why am I thinking so much? Because of my recent visit to a hospital made me see many young male and female children consumed poison and tried to end their lives. They feared failure in exams as the declaration of result day was nearing. I was stunned to see at least six children admitted in I.C.U.  only for the fear of failure in the exam. Life is so unprecious?! I was amazed and tried to talk to them but they hardly spoke. And there is breaking news every now and then to make us think about the solution.

Now, do I think positive? Not sure!





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