Say no to Tentative Living: 20 ways to be Happy

Too often in life, we blame others for our failures

Too often in life, we blame others for our unhappiness

Too often in life, we blame our past for turning our lives indistinct

But the truth is, it’s our life, we have choices to become happy in life. We must choose the ways of life which lead to happiness. We have to choose the ways which build our self-confidence so that we stop living tentatively.

Tentative living or living without confidence must be avoided. The tentative living is related to our happiness. Happiness is related to money, wealth, power and position in society. The ultimate aim of life is to be happy, but we don’t understand the concept of happiness. What can bring you happiness?

The things are so contradictory! The relationship between money and happiness or power and happiness is so tentative! Why?

Because we do not know exactly how much money will give us happiness? Or, what materialistic possessions will give us happiness? Does money and more money can give us confidence and we stop living a tentatively happy life?

Happiness is a state of mind, purely emotional state of mind. My happiness may be related to being successful and making lots of money and your happiness may lie in the creative world. It differs from person to person. So the simple rules of being happy and leading a life with super confidence may be as follows:

  1. Decide what makes you happy and try to do that thing most of the time.
  2. Listen to music very often or dance with music to relieve your stress
  3. Wake up early in the morning and walk through nature to inhale pure oxygen
  4. Read books, choose the subject which makes you happy
  5. Try to cook your favourite dish once in a while and always have fresh food.
  6. Eat chocolates and ice creams. These two are really happiness boosters
  7. Watch movies in the weekend or indulge yourself in creating art
  8. Play a game or swim, if outdoor activities make you happy
  9. Smile often. Smiling makes the world around you happy. Your smile can bring happiness to even a stranger
  10. Do not compare yourself with others. Remember everyone is struggling with their lives
  11. Donate money if you have plenty. Many people are in need. Try to make others happy
  12. Understand that no one in this world is perfect. So don’t feel bad for not being perfect.happy2
  13. Do not allow yourself to be hurt by others and you too don’t take anything for granted.
  14. Practice simplicity, understand that possession has no limits
  15. Travel to know and explore the world. Travelling brings satisfaction
  16. Live up to your expectations. Know your limit
  17. Love yourself and the people of your life. Bonding with near and dear ones give strengthhappy1
  18. Participate in community works and be a social creature
  19. Help others as much as possible. The blessings are always counted.
  20. Always remember, someone, somewhere loves you. So live and never quit.






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