Recreate out of wastes.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” ~Vincent Van Gogh

There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who, with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.” ~Pablo Picasso

There is an infinite number of ways to create art. A mind which imagines can create beautiful products out of wastes. I have tried to give an insight into various ways to create art which is useful in day to day life.

Coconut Shells:


Uses of coconut shells are many. Keychains, pen holders, teacups and bowls are the most common uses. They make beautiful gift items too especially from the countries where plenty of coconuts and the skilled workers are available to make this beautiful art.

Coconut Leaves:

It needs skilful artists to turn the leaves into useful materials.

Egg Shells:


In my childhood, I was very fond of collecting used egg shells, cleaning them carefully and hiding them in a place out of reach of everybody. After they grow in number, I used to take them out on any holiday and paint them. Then inserting then in nicely cut broomsticks and keeping the bunch in a flower vase. It was a fun during winter holidays when Christmas is nearing! I used to enjoy all the appreciation by the elderly guests visiting us. Now, this art knew expansion and the amazing eggshell art is adorning many houses. Children are eager to learn the art on eggshell and pass their leisure hours fruitfully.

Old Clothes:


Can you imagine converting good old sarees into potlis (handbags)? We can make beautiful handbags using our old sarees or, skirts and gowns. If your cloth material is silk, velvet or satins or anything having a gorgeous look, you can think about making bags and gifting them to your near and dear ones. These potlis are also a very attractive ways of keeping the gift items inside and presenting them especially in the time of Chrismas.


Look at the attractive ways of converting your good old silk sarees into quilts, curtains, table mats, gowns, skirts and palazzos! Amazing ways of recreation, don’t you think so?


You can also convert the old sweaters and shirts into cushion covers. You can create patchwork art and used that for making cushion covers and doormats!!

Plastic bottles:


Plastic bottles are creating menace, right? Why don’t you think of creating some art out of these wastes? These bottles can make good pen and pencil holders, beautiful plantation pots, jewellery holders and what not? It is you who can imagine and create stunning art!


Broken crayon pieces can be converted into coasters, dolls, candles and other decorative items. It is your wish how you recreate beautiful materials out of wastes to see your child happy. If mother is indulging herself into creativity, it helps her child to imagine and create. The legacy thus, is carried forward!

My Message: Consume less. Reuse and recreate to protect our Earth.




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