Thorny fences.

How thorns irritates you while picking up a rose or cutting eggplants? We loved roses and hated it’s thorns always. Avoiding thorny bushes while playing in fields or crossing forest roads s a usual practice. While thinking about thorns and thorny stuff I was wondering whether thorns also can have any positive side? I like to ‘think positive’!

Thorns are used as defensive: to protect us. If you need to put boundaries on your home you can think about thorny bushes along with hedges. I can remember my city where all the houses were using hedges for boundaries. It enhances the look of the house and the beauty depends on how you cut the hedges, the shapes on the bushes and time to time trimming will give the signal outside about your taste. Sometimes people used to grow creepers carrying colourful flowers on the hedge plants. From this comes the idea of planting English roses around you home. The thorny rose plant with many colours will not only protect your house from intruders but also will enhance its loveliness. No one will be dare to cross your fence and you will be showered with fragrance all through the day and night!

Positive thinking can turn the ugliest phenomenon into the most beautiful one!! so stay positive always.








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