Disobey the Change

I would love going back to many  years ago when we were still enjoying the serenity of this Earth, grasses were greener by few more quotes and the lovely colourful flowers on trees used to amaze us! The kites and vultures were there in the blue sky, the rivers had plenty of clean water with fresh fishes every morning adorning our kitchen, the chirping of sparrows in the quietest day of hot summer, the lovely huge playgrounds roaring with so many players and so many more God’s own creation lying around!! We used to feel God and His creations and were fearsome to disobey those days!

Back then growing up in a patriarchal society was easy as it was believed a society must be patriarchal. There was not much discussion about feminism and rather women folks were getting help to become educated from their male family members. Of course, there was no hesitation to go to school and study with boys. We were free in a co-education school.

The values were inculcated in the school as well as home. Home is itself the first school for a child. Getting up early in the morning was strictly followed and the day used, to begin with some moral and ethical chanting like,

Always say the truth

See that your day ends well

See that you behave nicely with everyone

Try not to hurt anyone

And follow elders: Do not disobey their orders.

My father was very strict about discipline. Every day morning I had to get up remembering God and thanking him that I am alive. Then before leaving for school canting those moral values were must. It was so absorbed in all my cells that in my whole life I could not disobey anyone and I did not dare to disobey. Somewhere that God fearing mind worked silently which always chanted if I dare to disobey elders then God will be displeased. How good as a child I was !! Isn’t it?

Now, I look around to search for those parents and those children, I won’t get many of them. Rather I have to take new lessons to learn modern techniques of appreciating the things even if I don’t like. And so many more things I do not want to discuss. We learnt that elders must be respected irrespective of their natures or habits or outlook, but now I know, after becoming elder that “Respect must be earned, it can’t be natural”.  Now struggle hard to get respect- huh! Time flew, things changed. Technology took away the innocence of nature and living beings. Money glitters everywhere, no sparrows, fewer rainbows and no vultures are seen in the sky. It seems the real meaning of life is lost, long lost somewhere.

Why can’t we disobey the change?








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